World School History Project

Collating and annotating history curricula and learning materials from around the world to surface different narratives and perspectives. These will be released as datasets for research and interactive public resources.

Making actionable insights accessible to data non-practitioners/Talent retention

Working with executives and HR stakeholders to understand what kinds of data insights and actionable recommendations are required to develop an effective retention strategy for their organisations.

Complex systems learning materials and interdisciplinary frameworks

As part of the EPSRC-funded IdEAS project, I developed a formal framework for relating system architecture to complexity concepts, and learning materials for researchers and practitioners from different disciplines to learn about complex systems.

Language, cognition and intelligent inference from semantic hypergraphs

In its very early days, I contributed to graphbrain, which facilitates automated extraction of meaning from text, as well as the exploration and inference of knowledge. Work on it now continues as part of socsemics, a research project funded by the European Research Council and used to study the fragmentation in online public spaces.